Desde 1990, el Señor no ha dejado de dar crecimiento al ministerio.  Ha añadido misioneros de tiempo completo para que el Ministerio pueda cumplir su misión de predicar el Evangelio a los demás y entrenar a otros para hacer lo mismo.

 Todos los miembros de nuestro personal son voluntarios que han sido llamados a vivir una vida confiando en Dios para proveer sus necesidades diarias.  Les pedimos que oren por los misioneros fieles y consideren el apoyar financieramente una vez o mensualmente.  Esto se puede hacer enviando sus donaciones deducibles de impuestos a WOTC, 224 N. F St. Harlingen, TX 78850 o mediante el uso de su tarjeta de crédito haciendo clic en el botón de Crear un donativo.


Usted puede contactar a los misioneros directamente al hacer click en sus respectivos nombres.

Personal Detalles
Ben & Jeanne Butler
Telefono: 956-793-9801

Oscar & Sharmayne Brooks
Director of Education and Medical Clinic Support Staff
Miembros de la familia: Kobe
Telefono: 956-425-4558

Matt & Cari Butler
Mechanic, Music
Miembros de la familia: Jimmy, Elizabeth, Nathan, and Danny
Telefono: 956-238-8407
Breve biografía:

The Lord moved our family here about 10 years ago. It has been an amazing adventure so far. We have grown and are continuing to grow in the Lord as He directs our steps. Our desire is to be fully in the will of the Lord. Ready to do whatever it is He has called us to do. Matthew 9: 35 Jesus went through all the towns and villages, teaching in their synagogues, preaching the good news of the kingdom and healing every disease and sickness.36 When he saw the crowds, he had compassion on them, because they were harassed and helpless, like sheep without a shepherd.37 Then he said to his disciples, "The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few.38Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field."

Joe & Olga Castillo

Christina Castillo

Josh & Christina Castillo
Miembros de la familia: Joy
Telefono: 956-536-3634

Dennis & Brenda Danler
Miembros de la familia: Paul and Hannah
Telefono: 956-970-1721
Breve biografía:

Dennis & I moved down here to Way Of The Cross Ministry 9 Years ago. Dennis came down on a mission trip with another church group from back home, along with our 2 oldest children. When he was there he felt it in his heart that this is what he wanted to do. When he came home, he felt that this is what he wanted to do, so he told me about it & after about a week I felt like God was saying go. Although I thought at first He was a little crazy after we moved with our 4 children I felt like this was where we should be. We have really enjoyed being a part of Way Of The Cross Ministries, and enjoy doing what We do. We intend to be a part of Way Of The Cross Ministries, unless God has another plan for us. God Bless Dennis & Brenda & Family

Kelly and Katherine Fletcher
Miembros de la familia: Sean, Collin, Travis, and Chase
Telefono: 956-536-2103

John Grandy
Telefono: 956-536-1635

John Hayes
Aldama Administrator
Telefono: 956-245-7738

Byron & Susan Kroeger
Miembros de la familia: Tobias
Telefono: 956-536-6984

Martha Kroeger
Nurse, Administration
Telefono: 956-536-9576

John & Theresa Spartz
Evangelizing, Prayer, and Serving
Miembros de la familia: Amanda Keener, Riley and Madison Spartz
Telefono: 956-536-5649 Theresa 956-536-3305 John
Breve biografía:

John and I have given our lives to serve the Lord on the mission field. We live passionately for the mission field. We are passionate for prayer, evangelism and serving. We long to see the gospel of the kingdom preached to our nation and the nations of the earth. We are committed to giving Jesus the unrelenting worship He is due and proclaiming the glory of Jesus Christ.Our desire is to help send a clear call to this generation that we must wake up from our slumber and prepare the way of the Lord. We know the Church of Jesus Christ is not a pleasure boat but a life boat for saving souls. And every hand is needed on deck.  Come join us!

Salomon & Annette Trejo
Ministry Co-director, translator, Mexico & Nicaragua Pastor liaison
Telefono: 956-783-4400/956-343-8523
Breve biografía:

I have been on staff at WOTC since 2002; in the mornings and afternoons I do street corner evangelism and intercession.

Paula Wendling & Elayna Metz
Office Secretary
Telefono: 316-734-8176

Katie Paden
Administration, Prayer, Worship
Miembros de la familia: Zach, Quinn
Telefono: 956-245-1945

Dr. Leo & Mary Yoder

Michael and Isabel Thoner
Warehouse Director
Telefono: 956-536-7077
Breve biografía:

Michael was a building contractor in Maine when God called him. He left home and worked/lived at The Outreach Gospel Mission homeless shelter in Brookings, Oregon. After a year and a half there, he served at an orphanage for handicapped people in western Mexico. In Mexico his leg was broken by a horse and the church he was working with paid his way home to Maine. After recovering he bought a cheap motorcycle and headed across the country. While in Tennesee a pastor by the name of Gary Vance told him about Way of the Cross. In January of 2011, a year later, he showed up in Harlingen, Texas with a friend totally unannounced and has been here since.
Isabella, his wife is daughter of the pastor who preaches to the people that come for food at the foodbank that is at the WOTC warehouse. Her family has been working in the Ministry since the year she was born. She is now working full time in the warehouse with Michael, and as a translator at our outreaches in this area and in Nicaragua.

Phillip & Jessica Zinck
Administration, Reservations Coordinator
Miembros de la familia: Emma, Paige, and Olivia
Telefono: 956-536-1739 or 956-536-3635

Paul and Juanita Alton
Sower Leaders
Telefono: 306-240-2034 Summer 956-778-0413 Winter

Gilberto & Martha Isabel Munoz Alguera
Nicaragua Director
Miembros de la familia: David Jose, Mara, Fabiola
Telefono: 8851 8910
Breve biografía:

In 2004 I met Brother Ben who came to my humble home and invited me to join in the Nicaragua crusades. In 2006 I was honored to receive an invitation to join as the director of WOTC Nicaragua full time and have served the Lord in many ways since. Way of the Cross has been a blessing to me and all the Nicaraguan Pastors.

Donald Blahnik
Miembros de la familia: Wife: Billie
Telefono: 219-869-2067
Breve biografía:

I am a retired Merchant Marine, just wanting to serve the Lord any way I can.

Jesse and Indira Stone
Missionaries, Evangelists, Praise and Worship, Translation, Administration and Nicaraguan stuff. (Brother Ben's right hand man)
Telefono: 956-536-6836
Breve biografía:

When WOTC came to Nicaragua in August 2004 I was drafted out of a mall by God's mysterious ways to help with translation at the Granada Hotel where I saw this group of people who truly showed me the love of God. They explained to me the plan of Salvation and Jesus came into my heart and changed my life. I experienced unexplicable joy, found out God had a purpose for my life and and two years later surrendered to full time ministry. On July 2011 I went on a mission trip to Costa Rica and God worked out the pieces to bring my husband along. This was Jesse's first mission trip and changed his life as well. On April 7, 2012 we got married and are currently serving from the WOTC Oklahoma Headquarters! (our dining room) We are having a blast serving God and hope to continue serving for as long as God gives us life.

Joseph and Mary Lopez
Miembros de la familia: Noah and Addison

Joey and Isenya Castillo
Miembros de la familia: Atticus Gage

Dora & Horacio Baltodano
WOTC Nicaragua
Miembros de la familia: Aaron and Ayleen
Breve biografía:

Dora received the Lord when she came to help in the crusade in Masaya in 2008 when Brother Ben shared with her the plan of salvation, the next year her husband Horacio came to know Christ. Both are a blessing to the work in Nicaragua. They are spiritual children of the ministry and have grown in the Lord since.

Joe and Gloria Garza
Telefono: 956-454-6364

Pablo & Margarita Varela
Leader WOTC NIcaragua
Miembros de la familia: Misael, Marlis, Enoc and Pablo Manuel Varela
Breve biografía:

We have been with WOTC Nicaragua since the start and have seen God move in mighty ways in each of the activities and crusades the Lord has allowed WOTC do in this country.

Steven and Marta Paul
Miembros de la familia: Colton
Telefono: 417-669-1356
Breve biografía:

I was born and raised in Southwest Missouri, where at the age of 12 the Holy Spirit came strongly into my life and totally transformed me and changed me! I knew then that the things of God, that I could not see with my natural eyes, where more real, powerful, and joyous than anything of this world! In short, days after I turned 19 I was asked by my Pastor, to become the teen Sunday School teacher and about a month after that I became the Youth Pastor as well. I was a youth pastor for over 9 years in Aurora, MO at Faith Worship Center, and I enjoyed it so much, but, it seemed that God was beginning to shake and change things in my life, which resulted in my wife and I to make the decision to move down to Way of the Cross Ministries. I met my wife, Marta on a missionary trip down to WOTC in June of 2007. She had already enrolled in college in Springfield MO, not far from where I lived, before I met her. Which was astonishing to me because she had lived in the Valley all her life. In short again,:D we got married just before my 25th birthday in June of 2009 and I have enjoyed her in my life deeply since the day we meet. My wife was a nurse at Mercy Hospital in Springfield MO and was enjoying it and we had our son on the way when we made the decision. Things where going really good for us in Missouri, but we felt a tugging on our lives to move down to the Valley. So in short here we are! :D Enjoying the life God gave to us and cherishing the moments we get to share the Good News to others!