Crusades 2007

Praise the Lord! We had a mighty victory in Nicaragua this past July and August! 183,000 souls were added to the Kingdom of God while we were there. There were battles on every front and Satan put up a fight as we were invading his territory, but we pressed forward to win the victory for the Lord, and what a victory it was!

This year the Nicaragua crusades were bigger and more powerful than ever. We had three crusades take place in July and fourteen in August, more than we have ever done before. Each of the 17 crusade cities had four to six teams and each of those teams had three meetings a day. The meetings were set up by the Nicaraguan pastors we work with in each city at either a school or in a local neighborhood. Everywhere we went the people were receptive to the Gospel message. It is a life-changing experience to stand before crowds of hundreds, even thousands, with their hands raised high to accept Christ as Savior.

Working the 17 crusades was not only the Way of the Cross Staff but hundreds of Nicaraguan pastors and many other American brothers and sisters joined hands with us to make the crusades possible. It is an enormous task to preach the Gospel message in 17 cities and to distribute rice, candy, pens, Gospels of Johns and tracts to hundreds of thousands of people, and it could not have been done without an army of harvesters. Many of the crusades were funded and run by other Christian churches and organizations and it was a blessing to be able to work together to further the Kingdom of Heaven. I believe that every person that was a part of the crusades, American and Nicaraguan both, has a powerful testimony of what the Lord did while they were there.

One brother shared that after they saw a huge harvest in a neighborhood on Saturday and the pastor of that neighborhood told him on Monday that 700 kids and 500 adults showed up to church that Sunday. They had to hold church outside and were already planning on hiring more pastors to be able to continue ministering to the new flock.

Another team encountered a school cancelling their meeting due to denominational differences. They decided to have a meeting in the local soccer field anyway, and when they got there met a woman who was disappointed that the children would not get to receive the gifts. So she took the team leader to talk to the director of the school and they found out she had not been the one to cancel and was thrilled to have the Americans come in and preach to the kids. Over 500 people accepted Christ at that meeting.

Another brother, while out inviting a neighborhood to a service, stopped at a Christian families’ house. They got to talking to the father and found out that he had been to the Pastors’ Conference that Way of the Cross held this past May. He said he could not believe that God would ever send the people who had put on that Conference to his own house and he was blessed just to have them there.

In one city the teams were faced with rain every day and bad, muddy roads. Many of the teams traveled in big four-wheel drive trucks and one team even had to use horses to get to one of their meetings. Yet, despite the difficult and uncomfortable terrain, they pressed forward to do whatever it took to take the Gospel message out.

The testimonies go on and on and it would take a book to share them all with you. But through them all we can see God’s hand moving powerfully on the people of Nicaragua. Whether it is a church growing by the hundreds overnight or a divine appointment and special blessing for one man, Nicaragua is undoubtedly being forever changed by the amazing grace of God.